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Word from the President

Dear Friends of Kabir Centre,

We have practically arrived at the end of our activities for 2018, barring one more meeting of our book club. The year has seen a major orientation in the activities of the centre. We have carried out four major activities in the year under the titles PLURICITY, ARTASIA, INDIAN SUMMER and THE SOUTH ASIAN FILM FESTIVAL OF MONTREAL. We have taken our high quality music and dance concerts to Ottawa, Quebec & Jonquière besides presenting them to the knowledgeable audience of Montreal. For the first time this year, we successfully organized an arts appreciation project consisting of 12 different sessions with the collaboration of PROMIS, an organization which looks after the welfare of new immigrants and with the active participation of the professional musicians and dancers of Montreal. For the first time again, we implemented the INDIAN SUMMER Project, by inviting young emerging singers and dancers of Quebec and Ontario provinces to perform under the banner of Kabir Centre here in Montreal. We also presented, very successfully, the 8th edition of the South Asian Film Festival of Montreal and its 2nd mini edition in Saguenay. In our efforts, we have been supported not only by private donors and banks but also by various arts councils such as Montreal Arts Council, CALQ, Canada Arts Coucil and Heritage Canada. We are grateful to all our funders for their support and all our members for sustaining our artistic and social vision.

We have worked hard to finalize most of our 2019 activities. We will once again present very high quality artists in concerts in Montreal and elsewhere. Pandit Debashish Bhattacharya and Vineet Vyas, Pandit Satish Vyas along with Jonathan Voyer, Seema Mehta with Jason Samuel Smith and Anupama Bhagwat with Subhajyoti Guha are just some of the illustrious names in our 2019 line-up. Our Pluricity and Indian Summer projects will pick up more steam in 2019 and will enable us to enrich our artistic vision and the 9th edition of the South Asian Film Festival of Montreal will help us further in our social vision of promoting intercultural understanding among the South Asian Diaspora and build bridges with the larger Canadian society.

I wish you all a wonderful Holiday Season and look forward to seeing you again with us in our revitalized programming for 2019!