About Us

Kabir Centre is a professional multi-disciplinary arts organization based in Montreal, contributing to the vibrant pluralistic arts scene of Montreal, Quebec and Canada through its dedication to South Asian Classical arts, especially to its diverse music and dance forms. Acting in the role of presenters, promoters and producers of various artistic events, the centre is in favor of exploring the frontiers in aesthetically pleasing ways between South Asian classical arts and comparable art forms elsewhere in the world. The artistic activities of Kabir Centre are anchored in its social vision of promoting harmony among the people of South Asian diaspora living in Canada and building bridges with the larger Canadian society. Important activities such as monthly book club meetings (sometimes with the authors in attendance), biannual multi-lingual poetry sessions and an annual festival of South Asian Films contribute to the realization of this social vision. The Centre is governed by a board whose members distinguish themselves in their respective professions, who come from varied backgrounds and who contribute their time and expertise voluntarily to the cause of Kabir Centre.

Passionately interested in South-Asian arts for over five decades, TK (also known as Raghu among friends and family) is an engineer and consultant in aerospace industry. He has been with Kabir Centre from its inception and is currently the President & Co-Artistic Director.
T.K. Raghunathan
President & Co-Artistic Director
Raja studied law and worked at McGill before joining Concordia University as an administrator. He is trained in Hindustani Classical music and plays the Sarod. He is serving various community organizations since 2002 and joined Kabir Centre in 2013. He is primarily responsible for implementing the artistic vision of the centre.
Raja Bhattacharya
Artistic Director
Akhil is a business executive and has wide-ranging interests in literature, cinema and performing arts. He is interested in promoting South Asian arts and culture to mainstream audiences in Canada. He has been with the committee since 2011 and is currently the Vice-President of board.
Akhil Bhandari
Lakshminarayana is a professional engineer working in Aerospace Industry. He is interested in promoting South Asian culture including cinema. He has been in the Executive Committee since November 2011 and functions as its Secretary.
L. Nemani
Arvind is an Information Technology specialist with a long career in the administration of townships. He is deeply interested in classical music of all forms besides being an avid reader and an intrepid traveller. He is a board member since 2014.
Arvind Pradhan
Kanita has a background in international development and anthropological research. She is passionate about South Asian art, literature and cinema and wants to work towards expanding the outreach of South Asian arts and cultural events in Montreal.
Kanita Ahmed
Board Member
Banasree is a professional in the field of early childhood education for over 28 years. She is a trained pianist, painter and textile designer. She is passionate about furthering the cause of Kabir cultural centre through active volunteering. She has been a Kabir Centre member since 2013.
Banasree Bhattacharya
Board Member
Pasha M. Khan is the Chair of Urdu Language and Culture and Assistant Professor at the Institute of Islamic Studies, McGill University. He works on literature in Urdu-Hindi, Punjabi and Indo-Persian. Born in Toronto, Pasha completed his PhD at Columbia University, New York, before coming to Montreal and joining the Kabir Centre in 2012.
Pasha M. Khan
Board Member
Tehzib is an artist by profession and specializes in paintings related to South Asian culture. She is highly motivated to support the cultural harmony among the South Asian communities in Montreal. She thus identifies with the philosophy of the Kabir Centre in this respect. She volunteers a considerable amount of her time to support some charities and social organisations.
Tehzib Morad
Board Member
Known to friends and family as Akka (elder sister), Vijaya is documentary filmmaker, film historian, writer, educationist and researcher. Sharing her time between New Delhi and Montreal for the past several years, she has been with the committee since its early years and has been the guiding spirit of its film club activities.
Vijaya Mulay
Member Emeritus
Reesha is pursuing her Ph.D. in Neuroscience at McGill University. She trained in Bharata Natyam and is currently learning Kathak. Her love for South-Asian culture inspired her to join Kabir Centre in 2013.
Reesha Raja
Board Member
Akhil is a mechanical engineer with a professional career in hydrocarbon industry and specializes in national and international projects. He is interested in supporting the cause of Kabir Centre in the community and has been a member of the centre since 2010.
Akhil Saksena
Board Member
Padmini, a Quality Specialist in the Aerospace Industry, was previously in India where she organized several educational workshops for disadvantaged rural women and children in collaboration with the Sarojini Naidu Memorial Trust in Hyderabad. Now in Montreal, she loves bringing communities together and promoting various facets of the South Asian culture.
Padmini Seshadri
Board Member
Shweta is a Portfolio Manager by profession in the Financial Service Industry. She is interested in promoting South Asian culture in Canada. Shweta has been a member of the center since August 2013 and has been an active volunteer and participant.
Shweta Shrivastava
Board Member
Dushyant is a former family physician, now a psychoanalyst and psychotherapist. He has wide interests in the arts, humanities and the social sciences. For several years, he organized the “Psychoanalysis and Cinema” series for the Quebec English Branch of the Canadian Psychoanalytic Society. He played a leading role in organizing Kabir Centre's South Asian Film Festival of Montreal in 2015 and 2016.
Dushyant Yajnik
Board Member
Pierre is a historian, who pursues, after his retirement from teaching at the university, in his research of electricity in various countries (including India). He is, along with his wife, passionately interested in the arts of South Asia, especially its music, cinema and literature.
Pierre Lanthier
Board Member