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Kabir Centre is a multi-disciplinary arts organization based in Montreal, contributing to the vibrant pluralistic arts scene of Montreal, Quebec and Canada through its dedication to South Asian Classical arts, especially to its diverse music and dance forms.

Book Club

The most interesting aspect of the Book Club discussions have been the different cultural prisms through which the participants have interpreted issues.

Poetry Club

Come listen to beautiful poetry, recite your own poems in the language of your choice and get to know the other poets in the city!

Film Festival

South Asian Film Festival of Montréal (SAFFM), the only one of its kind in the great city of Montréal, is committed to showcasing new artistic work that fosters discussions and explores the world we inhabit.


Kabir centre presents four projects and two other activities to fulfill its artistic and social vision. The projects are: Pluricity in spring, Artasia at the end of summer, NexGen MultiArts Festival in mid autumn and a Film Festival in late autumn.

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