PLURICITY project aims to present the best of global talent in South Asian arts to the public of Montreal and other Canadian regions. We do this through a series of concerts in spring time where artists of the highest calbire in classical music, both vocal and instrumental, and classical dance forms of South Asia come to Montreal and present their creations (and sometimes the creations of the centre as well). The centre is thus proud of contributing to the pluralistic arts scene or our vibrant city of Montreal and hence the name PLURICTY. For details of this project in the current year, see the Events Page

Artasia Project

This is an annual initiative aimed at demystification of South Asian classical arts. The objective of this initiative is to ensure that all people interested may be enabled to understand the basics of South Asian classical arts, with no pretentions to turn them into performers. It is a demystification and democratization of performing arts, which the centre considers crucially important for development of a public, especially in the context that the audience of non-diaspora members is outnumbering that of the diaspora.

The important aspects of this project are:

  • will be presented during two weekends in September
  • will be conducted in an interactive fashion by professional artists mostly from Montreal
  • these sessions will ultimately deal with every important element of the classical music and dance forms of South Asia (Carnatic, Hindustani, Qawwali, the eight officially recognized dance forms, the various musical instruments, interface with folk and world music etc.)
  • will use audio-visual means
  • will be adapted according to the interest shown by the audience
  • admission is free, but donations are very welcome.

NexGen MultiArts Festival

Beginning in the autumn of 2018, the centre has been presenting a festival to identify the best of young emerging Canadian artists. In order to do this, the centre works closely with all music and dance schools in Canada. The artists are presented to audiences in Montreal in an informal ambiance. Some of these artists may qualify for a full-fledged concert to be presented by the centre in later years. The festival has evolved to include emerging authors and emerging poets as well and the entire ambiance is embellished by an exhibition of visual arts.

South Asian Film Festival of Montreal

This festival, the only one of its kind in the great city of Montreal, is committed to showcasing new artistic work that fosters discussions and explores the world we inhabit. The Festival hopes to be a platform for filmmakers worldwide whose films have a focus on South Asia and its diaspora.