Artasia Project

Artasia Project

The year 2020 presented unprecedented challenges to us in the implementation of our projects. With some imagination and a lot of efforts, we mostly overcame these challenges. The Artasia 2020 edition was converted from direct interaction with an audience to interviews on-site and video presentation to the public. Please see below the collections from our 2020 sessions.

Kathak Part 1
with Tanveer Alam

with  Anjana Srinivasan

with Deeksha Arya

East & West
with Himmat Shinhat

with  Mushfiq Hashimi

with Rajesh Chenthy

with  Sonia St. Michel

with Sylvi Belleau

Video coming soon

Kathak Part 2
with Anita Pandey

with  Uwe Neumann

This is an annual initiative aimed at demystification of South Asian classical arts. The objective of this initiative is to ensure that all people interested may be enabled to understand the basics of South Asian classical arts, with no pretentions to turn them into performers. It is a demystification and democratization of performing arts, which the centre considers crucially important for development of a public, especially in the context that the audience of non-diaspora members is outnumbering that of the diaspora.

The important aspects of this project are:

  • will be presented during two weekends in September
  • will be conducted in an interactive fashion by professional artists mostly from Montreal
  • these sessions will ultimately deal with every important element of the classical music and dance forms of South Asia (Carnatic, Hindustani, Qawwali, the eight officially recognized dance forms, the various musical instruments, interface with folk and world music etc.)
  • will use audio-visual means
  • will be adapted according to the interest shown by the audience
  • admission is free, but donations are very welcome.